Friday, June 5, 2009

RW/FF: Rewind. Fast Forward.

It's been only day 2 of the internship and so far I love it!

I got to work a bit before 10am, my "call time" which was originally at 9:30am so I definitely appreciated the extra thirty minutes I was able to spend in traffic instead. Haha. Anyway, my morning ritual coming to my internship is looking for parking, settling into my station, and then going to get a bowl of oatmeal. Yes, that's right. I get to eat free oatmeal. I never had it this good. I mean, I used to hate oatmeal but I realized it was because I don't know how to make it. Not like this. I'm going to upload a pic of it here on Monday. There is a toppings bar next to the oatmeal. Today I had two freakin bowls of oatmeal. Yes, hunny they're that good. My first bowl consisted of oatmeal, ground flax seed, raisins, nuts, honey, bananas, and walnuts. My second bowl consisted of oatmeal, fresh blueberries which Harmonie spotted from across the room, flax seed, nuts, honey, and a dash of sugar free almond. Oh yeah, they also have a coffee and espresso bar!!!!!!!!!! I'm never giving up coffee. Not when it's available like this.

Working at Causecast reminds me a little of Wellesley. No, it's not all women. It's just cozy, high-tech, food is available all day (though oatmeal is only in the mornings but coffee is all I need anyway), it's casual, they're great people who care about things and are vocal about it, they have a climate of learning, and a strong bond between the causecasters. I do hope it's not like Wellesley when it gets high-stress though (that was just crazy).

But maybe it never really gets like that here because they have fun events like tonight's party to relieve some of the tension! So I'm pretty excited about going to my first Causecast event outside of the internship. It's a party at LAX, a super "hot" club in Hollywood. It used to be hot when I went there a few years ago (it took forever to get in) but things change so fast in the clubbing scene I have no idea how cool or hot it is now. I just know a ton of people are going to be there and it's a fundraiser for 826LA so I hope a lot of people show up but at the same time, I hate waiting in line so I hope it doesn't take too long to get in.

So today, I was in from 9:50am until 2pm and I basically worked with the layout of the C60 program, which is basically 60 seconds of Cause-related videos we're going to start working on a regular basis. With the layouts, I simply had to look for different combinations of shapes so that we could make a template and drop the videos in later. Then, most of the time consuming editing is done! Man, this is such a smart way to do things. I'm going to have to learn about these kinds of strategies so I can apply them to my documentaries. One of my least favorite things in editing is doing precisely that - sitting there and resizing things and moving things around so it's not boring. Yesterday I subtitled a viral marketing strategy video and I not only got to edit, but I learned a lot in the process! It was like taking a free class.

Anyway, I'm really happy about this internship. I like the structure of it, the encouraging of ideas, and the fact that everyone there is really also new too, since the company itself hasn't been around for that long. There is a sense that anything can be done because of the newness and as we move into our new building on Saturday, I'm sure this feeling would carry over.

A few other things I'm excited about:

Meeting Aaron Cohen, of abolish slavery coalition, and reading his new book.

Joining the Bar Method next week to get back into health.

Laker games!

Cause for Comedy on June 11, 2009

Talent 1 Media Film Festival on June 13, 2009

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