Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Raw Truth

Everytime I tell someone I'm in film school, the first thing they ask is how much longer I have left. Well, to answer that question, the program itself is 3 years but that doesn't count the time you take to make a thesis. There are many ways to still get out of film school in 3 years (you can write your way out, edit your way out, etc. if you don't want to direct a thesis). You can also direct a narrative (546) or a documentary (547) and USC selects 3 each semester.

This semester, I get to direct one of these, a documentary, about the raw food movement in LA. But, I STILL don't get to graduate in 3 years because I forgot to use my summers efficiently and I basically have thus far only taken 28 out of 52 credits. I'm hoping that switching over to the new curriculum is going to help me out a little because as much as I love film school, I'm dying to get out there and get paid for doing what I love.

Anyway, before I go on and rant more about my not graduating in 3 years horribleness, here's the project's website that I'm doing this semester in case you want to follow it.

It's not as updated as it should be but you can get a good glimpse of it. Check out the sexy Adam and Eve photo shoot! ;)

The final screening is on December 10, 2010 so save the date!!!

Here is a trailer that Billy Sullivan and Barbara Steele (our editors) cut together. PW is rawfood. Enjoy.

The Raw Truth Trailer from The Raw Truth on Vimeo.
PS. The statistics are higher than that actually. 75% of Americans are overweight.