Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Date

Back in 2009 I set out to make a documentary about Foodies living in Los Angeles. Through that documentary, I got inspiration to make a short film about two food bloggers who meet for the first time and fall in love as they try to one up each other in their taste in hidden gems around town. This film is called Bacon Wrapped Date and it is dedicated to all the food fanatics, foodies, people who hate being called foodies, food bloggers, chefs, and people who just love to eat. 

It is finally available to download on iPad (not yet available on other iphone platforms). I do not have an iPad but if you do, please download it, watch it, and let me know what you think. The app itself is free and Bacon Wrapped Date is only $1.99. It's our first distribution deal!

After two years of filming largely in the food scene, I can't say that I've gotten thinner! However, I can say that I know that my calling is in the film + food equation and I hope to bring informative documentaries and fictional narratives to you. I just ask that I get as much feedback while I'm still learning so that I can learn from my own productions and from readers like you. 

More info on Bacon Wrapped Date Here.
Interview with the Actress, Hong Lei, Here.
Read my food blog called Slate Food, which is updated frequently, Here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis

Troy Davis was executed today. This marks a day in history when a country that prides itself on freedom, justice, and progress took a huge step back.

If you don't know about Troy Davis' case, I did a video about him a while ago: with a full blog post about it.

I can't stop thinking about how this incident is going to change the way people see America - both the citizens as well as the international media that have been watching to see how the U.S. would handle this case. I'm sad that he didn't walk free. This incident should show us how broken the legal system is and how we have to change the system that lets people who kill their kids walk free while innocent victims get the lethal injection.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Anni

Currently editing away my latest film, called First Anni.

Synopsis: A newly wed husband forgets to get his wife an anniversary present and his stay at home brother tries to help only to realize he may have overstayed his welcome.

Runtime: 10 min
Produced by: David Ngo
Written by: David Ngo
Directed by:
Jin Yoo-Kim
Director of Photography: Alejandro Martinez
Edited by: Jin Yoo-Kim
Cast: Laura Quenzel, Jeremy Lawson, Chris Wolfe

Hopefully this film will be finished and polished by the end of this summer!