Monday, June 22, 2009

Beauty update

Ever since I did my research on breast cancer for a PSA contest I was doing, I found out all this information on how 90% of breast cancer cases were from non-genetic reasons. EXTERNAL FACTORS. 90% of breast cancer cases could have been prevented? What are these reasons? Well, no one knows for sure but one thing is certain.

The crap cosmetics we put on our face and skin have been linked to various forms of cancer, breast cancer included. Why doesn't the FDA regulate the cosmetics industry? Probably because we do not ingest cosmetics. Does that mean they do not regulate drugs that are spread on the skin vs. ingesting it? I didn't think so.

What we put on our skin can kill us. Face it. The epidermis is the largest organ in our body and easily absorbs anything we put on it. In countries like Germany, the standards for the cosmetics industry is extremely strict. They're not allowed to put in parabens or any synthetic ingredients. If other countries are protecting their citizens from these harmful ingredients, what is keeping the U.S. from doing so? Until the U.S. changes and protects the mass from these toxic ingredients, we must fend for ourselves.

Thankfully, there are many websites to help with this. As I've been cleaning out my makeup stash and replacing it with natural and organic lines, I've been blessed to have encountered many gurus in this field and even more entrepreneurs who took it upon themselves to create products that are clean and safe and putting it online for people to buy.

If you're scared of what you're putting on your face or just want to know, visit Skin Deep's website at to see which products you might want to replace.

Today I found this site called "Future Natural" for shopping for products online. They're like the Sephora of the green makeup world. They even give free samples with orders. I'm placing an order tonight.

For organic beauty reviews and news, this blog called the Organic Beauty Experts is extensive. I only started perusing it so I'm not sure yet how deeply they go into products but for noobs like me, this is a good reference site.

Another information-laden page is called Organic Cosmetics. There is a lot of information here regarding USDA organics certification, what the FDA does and doesn't do, and how we should look at labels. Another website called Best in Beauty is also full of sexy information.

You'd be surprised but you can get most of these natural and organic lines at Target and Whole Foods.

Lately I've been washing my face with my breakfast (oatmeal, honey, avocado, sugar scrubs, milk). It's the best way to care for skin.

I will post a video up soon of me trying on some organic makeup. Until then, keep beautiful from the inside out!


  1. hey jin, great idea for a blog! can't wait to read/watch your other installments. can you post your "recipe" for your breakfast face wash? and what moisturizer do you use?

  2. Great stuff! I started using organic products when I moved to California. Miessence has a nice line from Australia.

  3. Thanks guys! I'm going to check out miessence. As for moisturizers, I'm not using anything right now as I'm on the look out for new cosmetics but for the time being, I'm using my stash of Burt's bees for anything I need. I will update with new products I'm using and what I think about them. So far, I went to Whole Foods and bought a crap load of different types of products to test out.


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