Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rory Freedman

Today I got to interview one of Causecast's leaders and author of the Skinny Bitch series, Rory Freedman. When I first read Skinny Bitch, I was inspired to eat healthier and eat less meat. After meeting with Rory, I'm convinced I can actually take steps in eating healthier with more organic fruits and veggies and less meat. I found out that Rory is not only an author of a bestselling series of books, but she is also an animal rights activist. It's really inspiring to see what passions people identify themselves with aside from their claim to fame.

One of the cool things I found out about Rory is that she is into trapeze and she's pretty good at it, too. I'm pretty scared of heights so I told her I'd probably never do it. She is one who doesn't take excuses and told me that I should try it anyway. This was also her encouraging attitude when I told her I cannot give up meat because I'm Korean. When I told her I was doing a documentary on foodies and that many foodies think vegans cannot be foodies, she completely disagreed. In fact, she says she only knows vegan foodies! This is very encouraging, as I had wanted to incorporate "the other side" into the documentary. Personally, most of my vegan friends (and others who are on restrictive diets) only talk about food and it's because they have to think about what kinds of food they can or cannot eat and it's also important that it tastes good. I have a foodie friend who is organizing a vegan food marathon because vegans posted on his site to challenge his dislike for vegan food. This has been a long and heated debate within the foodie culture so I'm pretty stoked I might be able to interview some vegan foodies.

It's been a few days now since I've watched "Food Inc" and I've been shopping for organic fruits and vegetables and have cut back on mystery meat. I've also bought a small basil plant to start my own herb garden. More on that later!

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