Friday, June 19, 2009

New building and new learning

So we moved all the way across the street! Pretty cool and spacious place, with an open feel. The video department is not confined in our own cave anymore. We share our space with editorial in a more open space. The pro is that it's not hot and stuffy in this new space. The con is that it's less private and I can hear everyone's conversations, which is usually okay if I'm not trying to listen to something through my headphones. Memories of my time at Wellesley when I'm trying to study while others were chatting loudly by the printer comes to mind. Admittedly though, I've been a chatterer who got thrown evil looks at times, too.

I'm going to take pictures of the space and upload it on here tomorrow. I meant to do it today but I was working on the Cause in 60 seconds episode on the death penalty and Troy Davis all day today. In the morning, I got to help Brandon film an episode of "Hype to Habit" hosted by Sarah Backhouse. I got to work the teleprompter today. I'm learning so much at this internship~!

In researching for the Cause in 60 seconds, I learned how to grab streaming video online. I should apply this to my Raider Nation movie. I can insert some high quality footage into my film of the Raiders winning a superbowl back in the day. Way back in the day.

I'm also using Creative Commons a lot to get media that I could use, manipulate, cut, etc. without freaking out about getting sued. I want to donate some of my stuff to it as well. Artists unite!

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