Thursday, June 4, 2009

Causecast Orientation day

Today was our orientation day for all the interns at Causecast. I left my house a little too early because I had no idea how much traffic was going to suck. I got to Causecast, located in Santa Monica, CA, at 9:30am, a full hour before the scheduled time. I ended up scoring free wifi and sat in my car and checked my email.

Once inside, we were greeted by friendly Causecasters and we went around to introduce ourselves. Before things got redundant, we split off into trios and rotated through 4 different departments. It was really nice the way they set up the orientation. I felt very comfortable with all the people by the end of the day (orientation was from 10:30am - almost 3pm) and knew my way around the office space, which is so important in not feeling awkward on the first day. I love their bathrooms because they are clean and they sport a candle, mouth wash, soap, and a sign on the paper towel dispenser that reads, "less is more!" I can tell people who work here care about the environment and also are into really good hygiene and a good smelling environment.

We got to do a lot of creative things today like make a video Cause-fessional talking about who we are and which cause we are passionate about. We also got to write a haiku of our perceptions of Causecast, then we created a mood board for what Causecast makes us feel, and then we went outside and took group and individual polaroids. The company mission and values are awesome! It basically reads that since all causes are inherently connected, we should focus on the big picture and work together in a collaborative way that doesn't waste people's resources and energies. The business model is also very proactive, progressive, and empowers the people to create change in their environments and in the causes they care about.

As a video intern, I'll be able to create original content, film live streaming, and work on projects in the upcoming weeks that deal with specific non profits. I'm really excited about starting my first real day! I should get some zz's now.

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