Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Casting Call for my short film

So we're wrapping up with Neil's short "Butterscotch" and now we're in pre-production for my short which is tentatively titled "Cut the Fat."

I'm holding auditions for all the parts this Thursday night and a second date on Saturday morning (or Sunday...second audition date is TBD).

Here is the breakdown:

Title: Cut the Fat
Logline: A man has to defend his honor, win over a wife, and protect his unborn child by gaining the respect of a man who detests him the most - his future father in law.

Auditions are at USC this Thursday, September 24th, 2009 from 6pm-11pm. If you cannot make this time, please note this in the email you send to and we will schedule you for a time this weekend.


Theodore: mid-late 20's. Theodore will go through anything to marry Mina, even if it means physically overtaking his future father in law. Theo will be using modern fighting styles to overtake the old man. These fighting styles may look more like UFC fighting style and some action film elements.

Dad: Korean man in his 40's-late 50's. Very traditional, conservative and from the old world. He's stuck in a time period and mentality that doesn't exist even in modern-day Korea anymore. He wants to make sure that his future son in law has balls to protect his daughter from nature, foe, and random acts of violence from street gangs. Although he's 1st generation, he's made a name for himself in academia with several published literature and is a professor of English literature. He's an expert martial artist (or other fight genre).

Mom: Korean woman in her 40's. Adaptable, shrewd, funny, and has very good intuition. Can tell right away when something is wrong and is immediately thinking of ways to solve problems.

Henchman #2: expert killer, esp at hand to hand combat. knows many forms of martial arts.

Martial Arts girl: expert killer with style and sass. Might wear traditional martial arts outfit, or a variation of it.

If any of these roles interest you, please submit your headshot/resume to and hopefully we will see you at the auditions!

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  1. A henchman and martial arts girl? I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty cool short film. Good lock with it.


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