Tuesday, August 18, 2009

That's a Wrap!

After two days of non-stop shooting, we are WRAPPED on LA Food Story. What a journey it has been! It all started with my second project at USC, when I decided to do a 5 minute documentary on foodies in LA. It turned into an epic monster of a film because I started getting sucked into the LA foodie culture. I finally finished my last segment on that film a few weeks ago with the Korean Barbeque Cookoff and am waiting to edit that one.

After filming that documentary, I was inspired to do a short film about food with awesome collaborators like Double Oh Three Productions, Cuore, and Sheniferous, LA Food Story was born! We found ourselves two awesome actors, and we ran with it.

This is probably the most excited I ever got about a film project. Why? The crew was small, we were so mobile it felt like guerilla filmmaking at its best. We were all positive and had a lot of fun shooting it. No attitudes, no screaming AD's or PA's wasting time... everyone was hauling ass but at the same time, it was a no hassle low budget film so we didn't have to deal with gargantuan gear. Every crew member wore at least three hats and we maximized the time we got at each location. I'm so proud of our actors, who were dead tired at 2am but still looked peppy when I yelled "Action!" I'm so proud of our DP, who just knows his craft so well. I'd tell him I'd like a certain look and he'd give me three options to do it, not a horrible excuse of why I couldn't. I'm so proud of our stylist who was also our background, our slate girl, our script supervisor, makeup artist, and behind the scenes videographer. Is there anything she can't do? Last but not least, I'm so proud of our producer, who was also the writer, the sound guy, craft services, who booked all the locations, acted as the AD, and the driver. Is there anything he can't do?

Plus, every location we went to, the people there were more than accomodating. This project made me believe in the generosity of people for letting a bunch of people come into their businesses during business hours to make a short film. Who said everyone in LA was jaded?

I'm excited about this project. Now, to post production we go!


  1. Yay Jinny!

    I'm so proud of your vision and am so excited to see the end result! I can't wait!

  2. when will we be able to screen this?

  3. this project is slated to be done by early next year. the doc is still waiting for an editor. might be longer.


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